Dental Plans

Dental benefits keep your employees healthy. Adults with dental coverage are 31 percent more likely to visit the dentist regularly, which contributes to better oral health and overall health.1 Dentists can also detect signs and symptoms of more than 120 diseases, including diabetes and cancer.2 Healthier employees mean more productive employees with less time out of the office and more health care savings for employers.

At Delta Dental of Illinois, we can customize or match a dental plan to meet your group’s needs. We offer individually underwritten plans for groups with more than 150 eligible employees and have fully insured, self-funded, and voluntary options available. We also offer a variety of additional plan options such as our Enhanced Benefits Program and our To Go℠ annual maximum carryover feature.

Groups with 2 to 150 eligible employees have a host of dental insurance plans available.

Small Business Plans

We cover more than two million members nationwide and have more than 6,000 clients, including one-third of the Fortune 1000 companies in Illinois, as well as Illinois school districts, municipalities, hospitals, colleges and universities, and labor groups.

1 Delta Dental 2017 Adult Oral Health Survey

2 Steven L. Bricker, Robert P. Langlais, and Craig S. Miller, Oral Diagnosis, Oral Medicine and Treatment Planning (Philadelphia: Lea & Febiger, 1994).

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