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Member Support and Making the Most of Your Dental Plan

Delta Dental of Illinois knows how important oral health is to overall health. People with dental coverage are more likely to visit the dentist and report good oral health. We have resources to help your members make the most of their dental plan. Review some options below.

Open Enrollment Video


Using a Delta Dental PPO dentist saves members money. With so many dentists to choose from, it’s normal (and smart!) for members to have questions about picking one who best fits their needs. Delta Dental PPO network dentists have the advantage. Here’s a detailer to encourage members to Go Delta Dental PPO by showing how they can save and another detailer on why it's smart to GO PPO.

Monthly Member Emails

Each month, Delta Dental of Illinois members receive timely oral health information and updates via a monthly member email. Encourage your employees/members to keep up with the latest oral health news by adding them to our distribution list. If you’d like to ensure your employees/members are smart about their smiles, you can work with your account manager to add their email addresses to our distribution list. View a sample monthly email.

Preventive Care Email Reminders

To encourage your members to visit the dentist regularly for preventive care, we will send out reminders to get regular cleanings if a member has not been to the dentist recently. We will also send reminders to receive care to members who have ever had gum disease treatment but have not been to the dentist recently, as well. To opt out of this service, please contact your account manager..

Dental Basics

Help your employees/members be smart about their benefits. Share our Dental Basics resource page to help your employees/members better understand dental insurance.

Oral Health Information

We have a host of materials already developed and can also customize materials for your group.

Materials in Other Languages

If your group needs any materials printed or sent in a language other than English, simply let your account manager know. We're happy to offer those materials to your employees/members.

See below for examples of these materials in Spanish.

Implants Spanish My Dental Score Spanish