Benefit Rundown: Verifying Benefits and Eligibility with Delta Dental of Illinois

Delta Dental of Illinois offers dentists and their staff two fast and effective options for delivery of benefit information for your patients: FaxBack and Dentist Connection. FaxBack, available through our toll-free numbers includes the top 50 most-requested information elements and Dentist Connection available on our website gives you all of the key patient information* that you need at your fingertips.

FaxBack and the Dentist Connection are our primary method of providing benefit rundown information. When you look up benefits using* or call 800-323-1743 (for group members) or 855-327-8336 (for individual members) to request a FaxBack, you’ll also receive a benefit-verification number. If you need to call us for more details, just provide your benefit verification number and we’ll be happy to assist you.

By using our self-service options through FaxBack and the Dentist Connection, you and your staff can save time. This allows us to be more readily available when you really need us.

If you are not currently registered for Dentist Connection, follow these steps to register.

*Please note: Delta Dental of Illinois patient information for those enrolled in our Individual and Family plans (not purchased through an employer/group) is only available through FaxBack.

Benefit Rundown FAQ

What are the 50 most requested elements?
Click here for a listing.

How long will the benefit verification code on the FaxBack or Dentist Connection be valid?
The verification code will be valid for one month.

How do I get set up on Dentist Connection?
You can register on Here's a guide.

How does FaxBack work?
Simply call 800-323-1743 (for group members) or 855-327-8336 (for individual members) and use the automated prompts. Here's a guide.