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Larger Networks and Better Access

Delta Dental of Illinois has three nationwide networks. Delta Dental PPOSM, Delta Dental Premier® and DeltaCare®. Find a dentist now.

  • Delta Dental PPO is a PPO network. Members who use a Delta Dental PPO typically enjoy the lowest out-of-pocket costs.

  • Delta Dental Premier is a safety net to Delta Dental PPO. Most group plans feature Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier where members can receive in-network benefits from both networks. Members who use a Delta Dental Premier dentist may have higher out-of-pocket costs when compared to Delta Dental PPO, but likely lower when compared to a non-network dentist.

    Acting as a safety net, our exclusive Delta Dental Premier network works alongside our Delta Dental PPO network. This offers members more choice and ensures that they still save money even when they choose to visit Delta Dental Premier dentists instead of Delta Dental PPO dentists (though they will save the most with a Delta Dental PPO dentist).

    Learn more about how our network works better.

  • DeltaCare is a dental capitation/ dental HMO network. DeltaCare members must use a DeltaCare dentist.

Groups can offer Delta Dental PPO Plus Delta Dental Premier network solutions combined with a DeltaCare option. Delta Dental of Illinois can also offer DeltaCare on its own. Delta Dental of Illinois individual plans use the Delta Dental PPO network for reimbursement where members can visit a Delta Dental Premier dentist but reimbursement is based on the Delta Dental PPO network.


NationwideNationwide access
Our dentist network is one of the largest in the nation with over 282,000 Delta Dental PPO locations, more than 356,000 Delta Dental Premier® locations and over 59,000 DeltaCare® (dental HMO) locations.




Managed locallyDentist networks managed locally
We have direct control over network management and own our dental network. All dentist recruitment is managed locally from our Naperville headquarters.




Large dental networksLarge dentist networks
Nearly 75 percent of Illinois dentists participate in one of our networks. Delta Dental PPO has more than 8,600 locations, Delta Dental Premier has over 12,500 locations and DeltaCare has nearly 800 locations.




effective discountEffective discount and network usage
Our Delta Dental PPO network provides more savings, better discounts and higher network utilization than other dental benefits carriers. In fact, the Delta Dental PPO network delivers the industry’s best effective discount – averaging 22.4 percent nationally. That’s more than $4.5 billion in annual savings. And nearly 85 percent of our members use in-network dentists to realize additional cost savings.



Learn how our networks deliver better access, better savings and better protections.