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A Dentist Network That Works Better

Better access. Better savings. Better protections.

Better Access to Dentists.

Nationwide Network Access
Our dentist network is one of the largest in the nation with more than 80 percent of practicing dentists participating in one of our networks.

Network Dentists Graph

Local Network Management
Delta Dental of Illinois maintains direct control over network management and owns our dental network. Local staff members foster strong relationships with dentists – and all dentist recruitment is managed locally from our Naperville headquarters. This approach helps maintain network stability.

Local Network Management

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We Only Count Dentists Who Count.

When it comes to providing members with access to care, it doesn't make sense to count a dentist who isn't practicing. That's why NetMinder recently compared dentist network reports with actual claims data. After the data was screened to eliminate dentists who hadn't filed a claim within the last year, one fact remained:

Delta Dental still has the strongest network in the country.

Source: March 2017 Independent NetMinder Data

Better Access to Dentists.

High Network Utilization
Delta Dental delivers a national network utilization rate of 65 to 85 percent for combined Delta Dental PPO and Delta Dental Premier networks, compared to an average PPO utilization of 20 to 40 percent for competitor networks. More in-network visits equal more savings – reducing costs for both members and groups.

Delta Dental Networks

3 out of 4

Best Effective Discount
According to a recent study, our Delta Dental PPO plan delivers the industry’s best effective discount – averaging 23.9 percent nationally – resulting in more than $5.2 billion in annual savings compared to dentists’ average charges.

Dual Network Advantage
Acting as a safety net, our exclusive Delta Dental Premier network works alongside our Delta Dental PPO network. This offers members more choice and ensures that they still save money even when they choose to visit Delta Dental Premier dentists instead of Delta Dental PPO dentists (though they will save the most with a Delta Dental PPO dentist).

Example Savings

Please note, not all Delta Dental of Illinois dental plans are designed this way. The information above is for illustrative purposes only. If you have specific questions regarding benefit coverage, limitations, exclusions or non-covered services, please refer to your certificate of coverage/dental benefit booklet or contact Delta Dental of Illinois.

Better Protections.

Stringent Quality Assurance
Dentists who join our network must agree to abide by our processing policies and network contract. This includes a thorough credentialing process to join the network and ongoing re-credentialing processes to ensure dentists continue to meet certain requirements.

Zero Balance Billing
Network dentists cannot balance bill and are prohibited from unbundling or re-bundling claims – ensuring separate fees are not charged for work included in certain procedures. By prohibiting dentists from collecting any amounts over our allowed fees, we protect members from unexpected charges.

Unrivaled Service Warranties
Our policies and contracts require network dentists to warranty many of the procedures they perform. If a Delta Dental member needs to have an applicable service redone within a certain timeframe, neither the member nor the member’s plan is responsible for the cost of the re-treatment – provided the procedure is performed by the same dentist who rendered the initial service.

Service Warranties

Delta Dental of Illinois’ network policies hold our dentists to a higher standard – reassuring members by ensuring that they can expect to always receive high quality dental care from qualified providers.