Nice Smile, Good Oral Health May Mean a Better Valentine's Day

NAPERVILLE, Ill. February 13, 2017 – Whether you have a valentine or not, a survey from Delta Dental of Illinois1 offers a little insight on how oral health habits can make or break a romance. The survey results demonstrate the role oral health plays in relationships and how good oral health may help improve your chances of landing a valentine.

  • Attraction: 72 percent of Illinoisans say they’re more attracted to someone who smiles often.
  • Sexiest quality: 70 percent of Illinoisans (72 percent of women vs. 66 percent of men) say good oral health is one of the sexiest qualities someone can have.
  • Deal breaker: 64 percent of Illinoisans say they won’t kiss someone with poor oral health, and more than one in five Illinoisans (21 percent) say they’d break up with someone who doesn’t brush at least twice a day.

For tips on taking care of your smile, visit Delta Dental of Illinois’ oral health resource at

About Delta Dental of Illinois
Delta Dental of Illinois is a not-for-profit dental service corporation that provides dental benefit programs to individuals and more than 5,000 employee groups throughout Illinois. Delta Dental of Illinois covers 2 million individuals, employees and family members nationwide. Delta Dental of Illinois is based in Naperville, Illinois and offers single-site administration and client services.


1 Kelton, a leading global insights firm, conducted the 2016 Delta Dental of Illinois Adult Oral Health & Well-Being Survey. Interviews were conducted statewide via email with 304 Illinois residents 18+. For results based on the total sample of Illinois adults, the margin of error is +/- 5.6% at a 95 percent confidence level.